First Trip to Hiroshima

It’s been a minute! Summer heat is dying down, replaced with cool autumn air. I am very happy to be out of that mess.

I had never been to Hiroshima. With some time on my hands, off I went.

Fuji is amazing–I did not expect to get this kind of view from the train.

Look closely.  

Port of Hiroshima. These ferries take you to the small islands that surround the city.

Loads of elderly people sit and watch the boats. Not a bad way to pass the time.

Near the Museum of Modern Art.

The park in the eastern part of the city had loads of cats. This poor grandpa wanted to make friends but the cat was not interested. I had no luck either.

This is the garden right downtown.

This is what Japan looks like mostly–large apartment buildings made up of dozens of layers of apartments.

Not a bad view.

View from the castle.

A large moat surrounded the castle.

Looking northwest into the mountains.

Damaged by the atomic bomb, it has since undergone numerous renovation projects over the years. This is also true of many other buildings of historic significance in Hiroshima.

Protective cage.

One of my favorite shots of the trip.

Despite the castle being right downtown, Hiroshima is also relentlessly modern.

The city has a trolley that runs through it. You can get across town for under $2, albeit a little slow. Can’t beat the view though.

Two friends at sunset.

This boat takes you out to some touristy spots for about $40 round trip.

Another candidate for one of my favorite shots from this trip.

Cafe Obscura in Hiroshima. They have a Tokyo location a few stops from my house.

Everywhere I went I saw this random style of architecture. It’s just a tunnel shoved between two buildings that looks like it’s missing the other reinforcement on the left underneath it.

The city is cut up the middle 4 different ways by canals. Makes for a pretty picturesque place to people-watch.

The countryside about an hour outside of Tokyo.

More countryside southwest of Tokyo.

Nice trip. I need to find my way to the mountains next time.

Heat in the Streets

The unbearable heat in Tokyo continues. Out-of-town visitors, big events and changes at work, and a number of other surprises have made this a pretty memorable July. Settling in nicely. Fall is just around the corner.

Favorite shot is at the end.


Tokyo Stranger

It’s been 3 weeks since I moved to Tokyo. There’s a little bit of familiarity but ten times as many first-time experiences, like shopping for a washing machine, or buying a washing machine, or having to return a washing machine.

Tokyo in July is a hot, stagnant, hot, tiring, hot place. It’s about 10 degrees to hot to do anything. When people talk about something being “uncomfortably hot,” this is what they mean. It’s so hot that the only thing you can really do is sit indoors and wait for this to blow over.

But as anyone who has lived here knows, the early summer heat is a warning of an annual visitor just around the corner.

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